How is your project really doing?

Almost all companies or organizations carry out some kind of project today, maybe it affects 1 or 10,000 people but nevertheless, projects is one of the most used working structures of our time.

We at UniTrends have, with our many years of experience, have seen most of the project types and can quickly help improve your individual project and make the entire organization more project-oriented.

If you take a look at the questions below, you can get a little insight into the things that could make a difference when running projects.


Who is the owner of the projects?

Do you have a portfolio management about decision making / conscious prioritization of which projects should be run or stopped?

Who owns the resources for the projects?


What are the decisions to start / stop projects around, costs, ROI, etc?

How is follow-up of costs / status around the project?


Is there any formal project method you follow?

Is there anything that you think can be improved in your way of running projects?

Do you sleep well at night?

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